Music from the Last Semester

21 05 2010

What I learned:

Ginastera – Prelude No. 12. This was a challenging piece.

Bach – Invention No. 6. A fun piece. I loved the sound.

Mark Hayes – He Is Exalted. A beautiful moving piece.

Chopin – Prelude No. 20. So common but I learned how to be more expressive from this piece.

Haydn – Sonata Hbk. 36 Mvt. 3. I think. This is a fun piece…never really got it done.

Can’t wait to see what I learn next semester.


Composers I Learned From

9 01 2010

Alberto Ginastera
What an amazing composer! I was introduced to his music at college this last semester. I thought I would hate it. He is a 20th Century composer. I truly thought I would hate his music. ย But as I look back on it I feel he’s a genius. Maybe a little crazy but a genius none the less. His stuff might not be original, I wouldn’t know, but it’s amazing and fun to play. Different.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Well what can I say: “He’s a classic.” I know the college I go to, the teachers there LOVE Bach. I’ve only played his Inventions for the piano and one Concerto for the violin. His Inventions are works of pure genius. I wish I could compose genius stuff like Bach, well if I could I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

Fredrick Chopin

I can’t say much but that I don’t really enjoy his music. I love Bach because it’s basically emotionless and Ginastera because it’s crazy but to me Chopin is just beautiful. That’s just not enough to catch my attention.

New Cd Thoughts

3 01 2010

There are thoughts of a new cd bouncing around in my head. This one I would most likely produce at college in my free time. But what is that?! No true college student has free time…especially music majors. Although I would call this time practice time, it would be me working repertoire. Well I’m thinking about it and it will most likely become reality I just have to find time when I’m there. I want to do more than just piano though. I’d like to do instrumental stuff as well as work with friends and include them in it. How cool would it be to have a violin duet, a trombone solo, or a guest pianist play?! It would be awesome! I’d love to have my friends included on this project. I’d just have to figure out how to do this because of the no headphone rule. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ I’m sure I could get around this. If you have any ideas tell me. I’d like to know.

What I Learned

21 12 2009

Here’s what I learned this last semester in private piano lessons:

Bach – Invention No. 8

Chopin – Prelude Op. 28 Nos. 4 and 11

Ginastera – Prelude 6

Hayes – Lord Be Glorified

Blomdahl – No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus

Here’s a run down. The Bach invention was relatively simple. It pushed my technical ability but in the end was my easiest piece. The two Chopin pieces gave me grief all semester. I just couldn’t really get them. I HATE Chopin. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t really but they were tough for me. I just didn’t get it. Ginastera was fun to learn. I did and still hate 20th Century music but that’s ok. This was SO much fun to play and learn. Hayes. I love reharmonization of regular stuff. It was fun to learn. This was the easiest piece to learn. The piece that gave me the most stress this semester was my hymn arrangement. It wasn’t fully mine. My piano teacher gave me most of it but I guess we’re calling it mine because I hand wrote it and slaved over it for hours and hours and hours and hours…well you get the picture.

What I’m learning next semester:

He didn’t give me everything for next semester he gave me the classical stuff:

Bach – Invention 6

Chopin – Prelude Op. 28 No. 15

Ginastera – Prelude 12

The Bach is back and harder. Haha! The Chopin isn’t too much harder it’s just longer. The Ginastera looks SO much easier but looks are deceiving I’ve found out. It’s relatively simple it’s just weird sounding…the EXACT reason I don’t like 20th Century music. ย Well there’s what happened musically for me this last semester. ๐Ÿ™‚

Also for those of you who heard some songs of my first cd especially from youtube, I’d like to announce that I’m planning on starting a new one soon…just working on getting the music together.

More Detailed Week of Camp

24 08 2009

Let’s see…I’ll start on:


We left the church at around 9, which to a teenager I guess is kind of early. Once we got going we were fine. There were 4 of us teens…we were going to meet up with one girls family and pick her up. About 10 minutes into the trip we realized that we were going to be very bored. We didn’t bring a single thing to entertain us…and as everyone knows teenagers have the attention span of…of…well something that doesn’t have a very big attention span.

We got there checked in and unloaded everything. We spent most of the rest of the day until dinner meandering around…still trying to find something to do…we got there around 12:00…because of that there wasn’t very many people there.

There were three other kids in our cabin. Travis, Aaron, and Andrew. Pretty cool kids for the most part.

On Monday one of the guys from our church got saved. It was pretty amazing.


Tuesday was the beginning of a very long day/week. Tuesday was the beginning of the music competitions. They had vocal solos that day. I entered but did not win…which to me was ok…I’m not much of a singer, so if I won I would have been very happy but if I didn’t I wouldn’t have been sad. One of the counselors from my church won the counselor competition. It was pretty cool. Tuesday evening’s preaching was also one of the most powerful nights for me. Evangelist Kevin Brownfield was the speaker. Tuesday he said: “Many of us spend time focusing on the urgent instead of focusing on the important.” Just that statement made me wonder how much time I was wasting.


Wednesday was the most stressful day for me. Instrumental solos. I always stress over stuff like that. There was a lot of competition this year. A friend of mine, Michael, who had been playing violin for 12 years was competing. I didn’t think that I would even come close to beating him. Last year he beat me not that I was surprised. This year I beat him….when they told me that you could have blown me over so easily. Michael and I were actually standing near each other when they told us…I was so in shock….I asked multiple times if this was a joke or if they had somehow mixed up the scores. I’m still slightly in shock.


Thursday was amphibious day. We went down to the lake and played lots of water games. This year they had a twist. They got a fire truck to come down and spray everyone with the hose. I would have pictures but obviously I was soaked. Lots and lots of fun though. That evening was also skit evening. In years past I had just watched and laughed. This year I decided I would participate. I got put into two skits and volunteered for a third. It was so much fun…I’m not much of an actor but took speech in high school so I know how to “act” or at least do the basics. It was fun. I enjoyed it so much. I didn’t even have much stage fright which is really amazing.


Friday was just to me a relaxing day. I just enjoyed the day….met a couple of new people. I can’t believe how quickly the week went. It was pretty cool. I’m sad that this was my last year as a camper. I really did enjoy it this year.


Saturday was going home day. Saying good bye to some friends. Many I won’t see for a whole year some maybe longer. I hope to go back next year. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you enjoyed the week so much. My minod was off of college all week. It was relaly nice. Of course I’m not back into reality….time to think about college and stress more…12 days

Home from Camp

23 08 2009

I had an amazing week. A week of so much fun. Lots of hard work. I won the music competition, which is really amazing. I beat out a violin player who was amazing. I also finished all 8 verse passages. I was one of the first 15 to finish them. It’s pretty cool. I also met so many new friends, I can’t believe it. I can’t wait until I can go back…I of course will be going as a counselor. I’m so happy.

My winning piece. It was aranged by Rob Deas.

Michael placing second. If you’ve been reading my blog for a year you’d know that last year he beat me. It was weird beating him.

Good Christian Music

10 07 2009

People always question why I love conservative Christian music. Why? Here’s two god reasons why.

Daybreak Quartet: I’ve known about them since forever. My parents knew two of them as children. The group has an amazing sound and quartet music is some of my favorite music. Well mostly small groups. Greg harmonies coming from these guys.

Greg Howlett: An AMAZING pianist! I found him by recommendation of a friend. I thought just some normal pianist with a style that’s somewhat original but no it was the complete opposite! I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with.

The reason I’m posting this is because they are both giving away their new cds free. All one has to do is recommend the cd to 3 friends.