Going “Home”

19 01 2010

Haha! It’s sad that I consider Florida home. In all reality I do consider it home. I may not have lived there long but in the end over the next four years I’ll be living there more.

I love learning. My piano playing improved SO much. I was amazed that I learned six pieces in one semester. It used to take me about two semesters to learn one piece. I also made it into the college orchestra. I can’t believe it! That for me was miraculous. I think that they let me in out of sympathy but I’ve grown SO much as a violinist. Music I never thought I could play I could. It may not sound amazing but it’s still great! 😀

I love my friends. I can’t believe that I made SO many amazing friends. Not all my friends are amazing but they’re all great! I am just blessed, plainly blessed that God could give me friends like this.

I just can’t wait to get back. I’ll be leaving on the 22nd very early in the morning.


First Semester of Grades

4 01 2010

Well I got my grades. I’ve decided to publish them here to my blog. How daring.

New Testament Survey     A-

English                           B

Basic Math (Don’t judge)  A

Music Theory                  A

Private Piano                   B-

Speech                          B

Orchestra                       A-

I made the Dean’s List, which is only a B average or higher. At midterms they posted the Dean’s List and there was less than one thousand names on the list. Not sure on the exact number but still when a college has 4,o00 students more should be getting grades that are at least a B average….well that’s all for now.

Good Christian Music

10 07 2009

People always question why I love conservative Christian music. Why? Here’s two god reasons why.



Daybreak Quartet: I’ve known about them since forever. My parents knew two of them as children. The group has an amazing sound and quartet music is some of my favorite music. Well mostly small groups. Greg harmonies coming from these guys.

Greg Howlett: An AMAZING pianist! I found him by recommendation of a friend. I thought just some normal pianist with a style that’s somewhat original but no it was the complete opposite! I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with.

The reason I’m posting this is because they are both giving away their new cds free. All one has to do is recommend the cd to 3 friends.

New Recording Project

6 04 2009

I have a new recording project I have under taken. I one day decide to record a song that a group is singing at camp. I recorded the piano arrangement. Then all of a sudden an orchestrated sound was playing in the background. So now I’ve taken to recording it. It’s coming together pretty good. I borrowed one of the microphone stands from the church. As you’ve seen the picture before my recording setup is a microphone on a tripod….borrowing this microphone stand has improved the sound by 110%. Well, that’s all for now. I don’t even know if I’m going to use it for camp I just feel like recording it.