Greg Howlett’s New Cd Seasonal Spice

20 12 2010

Dear Reader,

I have a wonderful Christmas cd to recommend to all of you. I know it is late in the season but this cd is absolutely amazing. I’m going to walk through each song and talk about what I like and dislike about each one. A link to the cd is provided.

This cd is full of surprises. I did not know what to expect the first time I put it in but I was very pleased with what I heard. He opens the cd with Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. This beautiful rendition features a saxophone playing. Maybe a little cliche but it still sounds really good. One thing coursing through this cd is the unusal chords he uses. Greg Howlett uses chords that keep the listener guessing. The second song on the bullet is Sleigh Ride. This is one of my favorites of all Christmas songs. He takes the traditional Sleigh Ride gives it a swing some different chords and voila you have a great rendition of Sleigh Ride. Good Christian Men rejoice is a good one if you need energy during Christmas time. It gets you tapping your foot and enjoying some good music. I’ll Be Home for Christmas is played so well by Greg and a cellist. This beautiful arrangement makes me melt. A perfect song for reflecting on family. Winter Wonderland throws me back into reality as I sit there thinking about snow. I love the chords in this song. Away in a Manger features a penny whistle or a similar instrument. This one I love to relax to. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen is a song that I is one of my favorites on the cd. It is a very catchy piece. I love the motiff that flows throughout the piece. Go Tell It On the Mountain is a great song too. It is catchy and the different chords give it a different feel. The final song is Silent Night. Silent Night is a good Christmas carol that was well interepreted by Mr. Howlett. I love this for it’s wonderful chord progressions. Maybe it’s just me but these new sounds to these old songs make it come alive in a new way for me.

I highly recommend this cd to everyone. This cd is worth the money spent on it. What I love most is that it includes Christmas songs with Christmas carols. This brings together everything I love about Christmas music.


Christmas Gifts

26 12 2008

I got so many cool gifts! Let’s see if I can list them all.
Leather gloves
Kahki slacks
Running sweater (even though I don’t run)
Jacket/sweater thing
Two long sleeved shirts
Sweater shirt
Digital camera
Video camera
4 a

Blogging During the Month of December

24 12 2008

I have found that blogging during this month is almost non-existent. During this whole month no one wants to blog or even read my blog for that matter. I have found a lack of blogging on many people’s part even those who blog regularly. Now before you say: “People have jobs and must shop.” I say: “It takes 5 minutes to write a blog.” Well, there’s my short rant…I just needed to get that out there for people to read…of course no one will read it this month.
Just for an idea, yesterday I got 20 hits on my blog page…that was the highest in about 2 weeks. It’s really sad…really the blog is just for me, and memoir of my life but it’s nice to know that people are reading my blog.
This will be my last blog post until after Christmas. Merry Christmas, to all. 🙂

Boring Christmas Party

22 11 2008

Well, I though it would be fun, but my family went to my mom’s work Christmas party. Some Christmas party. The food wasn’t very good, actually it was kind of dry. The music was blaring, it also happened to be rock and rap. What kind of music is that to play at the Christmas party. They had two singers, the first one has a great voice but the key was horrible for him making it hard to understand a word he said, the second one was good to but had the same problem. I heard a total of three Christmas songs that evening, they claimed it was because people don’t like hearing Christmas songs to early but if I’m going to a Christmas party I want to hear Christmas music. Over all the whole thing was hoirrible. Other than that I liked it, I think the best party was getting a $1.50 coffee mug. How do I know the price? They left the price tag on the bottom. Uggg.

Mele Kalikimaka!

18 11 2008

jones-sodaMerry Christmas! Well I guess it’s just a little to early for that. Well if you didn’t know mele kalikimaka is Merry Christmas in Hawaiian. My sister and I went out and bought jones soda! Love it…it’s a little bit too sugary but it’s really good. It was fun trying to say that over and over again. I can’t wait for Thanksgiving. I found out last year that I love turkey stuffing. Which now that I think about it, it sounds really nasty but it tastes really good. There’s a lot to be thankful for. You can read more when I post my Thanksgiving post. Bye!

A New Day

5 11 2008

Well it’s the start of a new day and probably a new way of life. As many of you know Barrak Obama won by a lot. This is a sad day for many Republicans. I remember in the hours after that many of my friends on facebook were very sad and worried. Who wouldn’t be. Any president that comes in I’m worried about. You never know what will happen, but God is in control. All I can do is trust him.

If you haven’t noticed there is a new page on my blog. I am going to start working on a piano cd hopefully soon. You can see the list of songs that might be included. Hopefully it’ll all work. I was going to work on a Cd of flute Christmas music but I couldn’t get the audio quality correct. It made me really frustrated. If you have any suggestions for songs or anything like that I’ll take suggestions.


5 09 2008

Not like in the vet sense but fixed! The church piano which has haunted me for years with it’s horrible sustain pedal is now fixed. The piano playing Thursday was phenomenal…the singing was as well.
That aside I listened to Josh Groban’s cd: Noel. I love Christmast music but this made me love Christmas music even more. I love listening to it even though it’s not Christiamas. I also love Josh Groban’s voice. He’s got an amazing range which I could only dream for. Although he’s mormon and I don’t quite approve of that but that’s ok…I mean I do love David Archuleta’s voice as well…I wish I could hit higher tenor notes too. 😦
I also am trying to make time to read the book: Indivisible by Four, written by: Arnold Steinhardt. He’s a great violinist and I love the music that his quartet puts out.
Wow I think this is one of the longest blogs I’ve ever written. Hopefully people read this.