The Savior

4 06 2009

I am currently right now not referring to God. I am referring to a book written by Eugene Drucker, one of the violinists in the Emerson String Quartet. I have not finished the book, and I am only on chapter 3 but so far it’s amazing. It’s about a German violinist during WWII. The authos is able to make an amazing emotional connection to the character. It is a really good book. Hopefully as I get farther in it, it will get better.


New Recording Project

6 04 2009

I have a new recording project I have under taken. I one day decide to record a song that a group is singing at camp. I recorded the piano arrangement. Then all of a sudden an orchestrated sound was playing in the background. So now I’ve taken to recording it. It’s coming together pretty good. I borrowed one of the microphone stands from the church. As you’ve seen the picture before my recording setup is a microphone on a tripod….borrowing this microphone stand has improved the sound by 110%. Well, that’s all for now. I don’t even know if I’m going to use it for camp I just feel like recording it.