Greg Howlett’s New Cd Seasonal Spice

20 12 2010

Dear Reader,

I have a wonderful Christmas cd to recommend to all of you. I know it is late in the season but this cd is absolutely amazing. I’m going to walk through each song and talk about what I like and dislike about each one. A link to the cd is provided.

This cd is full of surprises. I did not know what to expect the first time I put it in but I was very pleased with what I heard. He opens the cd with Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. This beautiful rendition features a saxophone playing. Maybe a little cliche but it still sounds really good. One thing coursing through this cd is the unusal chords he uses. Greg Howlett uses chords that keep the listener guessing. The second song on the bullet is Sleigh Ride. This is one of my favorites of all Christmas songs. He takes the traditional Sleigh Ride gives it a swing some different chords and voila you have a great rendition of Sleigh Ride. Good Christian Men rejoice is a good one if you need energy during Christmas time. It gets you tapping your foot and enjoying some good music. I’ll Be Home for Christmas is played so well by Greg and a cellist. This beautiful arrangement makes me melt. A perfect song for reflecting on family. Winter Wonderland throws me back into reality as I sit there thinking about snow. I love the chords in this song. Away in a Manger features a penny whistle or a similar instrument. This one I love to relax to. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen is a song that I is one of my favorites on the cd. It is a very catchy piece. I love the motiff that flows throughout the piece. Go Tell It On the Mountain is a great song too. It is catchy and the different chords give it a different feel. The final song is Silent Night. Silent Night is a good Christmas carol that was well interepreted by Mr. Howlett. I love this for it’s wonderful chord progressions. Maybe it’s just me but these new sounds to these old songs make it come alive in a new way for me.

I highly recommend this cd to everyone. This cd is worth the money spent on it. What I love most is that it includes Christmas songs with Christmas carols. This brings together everything I love about Christmas music.


The Savior

4 06 2009

I am currently right now not referring to God. I am referring to a book written by Eugene Drucker, one of the violinists in the Emerson String Quartet. I have not finished the book, and I am only on chapter 3 but so far it’s amazing. It’s about a German violinist during WWII. The authos is able to make an amazing emotional connection to the character. It is a really good book. Hopefully as I get farther in it, it will get better.

A Violinist’s Breakthrough

15 04 2009

I’ve done it! Finally! Ok, for those of you who don’t know, when you first learn how to play the violin there’s lots of sratchy noise. I’ve found out that playing with a mute on helps improve the sound. Not necessarily the skill or anything but it has helped my family tolerate my playing. I would always leave it on. Yesterday I took it off just to see how I was doing. WOW! My sound is finally good. It was not scratchy, at all! I’ve also seemed to improve at playing in the 4th position! I’m just so happy. I was feeling that I wasn’t accomplishing much and that I was just kind of playing to play…I finally see results…now all I need is to see results in the piano. What’s funny is that I never had that very many problems with the cello. If I actually practiced cello I would be better at it than at the violin. I don’t know why because cello should be harder than violin.