Music from the Last Semester

21 05 2010

What I learned:

Ginastera – Prelude No. 12. This was a challenging piece.

Bach – Invention No. 6. A fun piece. I loved the sound.

Mark Hayes – He Is Exalted. A beautiful moving piece.

Chopin – Prelude No. 20. So common but I learned how to be more expressive from this piece.

Haydn – Sonata Hbk. 36 Mvt. 3. I think. This is a fun piece…never really got it done.

Can’t wait to see what I learn next semester.


Composers I Learned From

9 01 2010

Alberto Ginastera
What an amazing composer! I was introduced to his music at college this last semester. I thought I would hate it. He is a 20th Century composer. I truly thought I would hate his music.  But as I look back on it I feel he’s a genius. Maybe a little crazy but a genius none the less. His stuff might not be original, I wouldn’t know, but it’s amazing and fun to play. Different.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Well what can I say: “He’s a classic.” I know the college I go to, the teachers there LOVE Bach. I’ve only played his Inventions for the piano and one Concerto for the violin. His Inventions are works of pure genius. I wish I could compose genius stuff like Bach, well if I could I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

Fredrick Chopin

I can’t say much but that I don’t really enjoy his music. I love Bach because it’s basically emotionless and Ginastera because it’s crazy but to me Chopin is just beautiful. That’s just not enough to catch my attention.

What I Learned

21 12 2009

Here’s what I learned this last semester in private piano lessons:

Bach – Invention No. 8

Chopin – Prelude Op. 28 Nos. 4 and 11

Ginastera – Prelude 6

Hayes – Lord Be Glorified

Blomdahl – No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus

Here’s a run down. The Bach invention was relatively simple. It pushed my technical ability but in the end was my easiest piece. The two Chopin pieces gave me grief all semester. I just couldn’t really get them. I HATE Chopin. 😉 I don’t really but they were tough for me. I just didn’t get it. Ginastera was fun to learn. I did and still hate 20th Century music but that’s ok. This was SO much fun to play and learn. Hayes. I love reharmonization of regular stuff. It was fun to learn. This was the easiest piece to learn. The piece that gave me the most stress this semester was my hymn arrangement. It wasn’t fully mine. My piano teacher gave me most of it but I guess we’re calling it mine because I hand wrote it and slaved over it for hours and hours and hours and hours…well you get the picture.

What I’m learning next semester:

He didn’t give me everything for next semester he gave me the classical stuff:

Bach – Invention 6

Chopin – Prelude Op. 28 No. 15

Ginastera – Prelude 12

The Bach is back and harder. Haha! The Chopin isn’t too much harder it’s just longer. The Ginastera looks SO much easier but looks are deceiving I’ve found out. It’s relatively simple it’s just weird sounding…the EXACT reason I don’t like 20th Century music.  Well there’s what happened musically for me this last semester. 🙂

Also for those of you who heard some songs of my first cd especially from youtube, I’d like to announce that I’m planning on starting a new one soon…just working on getting the music together.

College Audition Stress

3 05 2009

For college, all music majors must audition. If you want to know the requirements here it is:

Auditions for Music Students

Who Should Audition? – All students who plan to pursue a major or minor in any of the music degrees at Pensacola Christian College.

Why Do I Audition? – A student auditions to determine which of our music degrees will be best suited for the student’s level of proficiency and in order to secure placement into the classes or lessons required by each course of study.

When Do I Audition? – Music auditions are scheduled during the days of registration at PCC.

What Should I Perform?

Piano Proficiencies – The student will play one work from the Baroque, Classic, Romantic, Impressionistic, or Modern style periods and one hymn arrangement. (Memory is preferred but not required.)

Instrumental Proficiencies – The student will play one classical work, and one hymn arrangement. The two works should be in contrasting styles, one lyrical and one technical.  (Memory is preferred but not required.)

Voice Proficiencies – For Music Performance or Music Education: perform a classical selection by memory.  For Church Music: perform a church selection by memory.  For voice proficiencies, attention will be given to vocal potential, musical accuracy, and communication skills.

Choral Conducting Proficiencies – For Music Education: sing a classical selection by memory.  For Church Music: sing a church selection by memory.  For conducting proficiencies, attention will be given to musicianship and basic vocal ability.

This doesn’t seem like much. I guess. Now I have the difficulties of picking two audition pieces. One classical and one hymn. Here’s the dilema: I want to pick pieces that are difficult/techniqually challenging, but I don’t want them to hard to where I get stuck with a teacher that would be too hard for me. Here’s the list of stuff I want to play:


Bach Invention No. 8

Mozart Turkish March (If I pick this I will have to work to get it right)

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata Movement 1



How Great Thou Art/Beethoven’s 5th Symphony

Oh How He Loves You and Me

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

If anyone has any suggestions I’ll take it. I’m not really sure what to pick or play.

Music Music Music

29 01 2009

Well let’s see, isn’t that how I start most of my blog posts. Let’s start with what I’m working on. My piano teacher is giving me a couple week break, thankfully.

Classical Pieces:

Moonlight Sonata, all movements

Mozart, Turkish March (Still trying to finish that)



At the Cross, arranged in the key of C# minor


Scales: All the scales listed are for the Natural and Harmonic

F# Minor 

C# Minor

G# Minor/Ab Minor

B Minor

Bb Minor/A# Minor

Eb Minor
WOW! Busy!


I recieved the order. Perfect! I guess my piano teacher will have to approve. We have no choice now since I can’t return it without it costing to much. It looks ok but slightly different the version my piano teacher has and even the one I had.


The cd came today as well! Beautiful. Julia Fischer interpreted Bach’s concertos really really well. I have just started listening to it not to far into it but I love it.

I hope that you all enjoy reading my blog and that you would keep reading. Please post comments and let me know how I’m doing.


21 01 2009

I did it! I finally won! On the site, whenever the Laurie Niles interviews a violinist, she always gets some cds to give away. I have tried about 10 previous times(two cds) to win but I finally won one! A Julia Fischer cd, the cd is of Bach’s Concertos. I’m so excited to get this. I can’t wait until it comes in the mail. I know it’s coming from California, I just don’t know when she’ll be sending it out. YAY! I’m so excited. I’ll tell you all how the cd turns out. 😀