What Wondrous Love


My goal is to one day soon make a piano solo cd. Before I go to college I want to make a piano solo cd composed of classical music as well as hymns so I have a reference point when I return. The title of the cd is: What Wondrous Love.  Here are the songs I want to include:



1. What Wondrous Love Is This/The Love of God-Emily Griswood-Permission Granted

2. 8th Invention in F major-Bach

3. There Shall Be Showers of Blessing-Daniel Blomdahl

4. Moonlight Sonata-Beethoven-Done, needs to be recorded

5. Oh, How He Loves You and Me-Daniel Blomdahl/Yiruma

6. Dwelling in Beulah Land-Ellen Foncannon **-Permision Granted

7. Jesus Loves Me-Julie Bouroff-Permission Granted

8. Prelude in B minor-Chopin

9. Grace Medley-Daniel Blomdahl

10. How Great Thou Art/Beethoven’s 5th Symphony-Rob Deas-Permission Granted


*Unless there’s unforseen circumsteances this is the official list.

** Duet played with Caitlin Dolan

Cd CoverCd InsideCd Back


8 responses

12 12 2008

None of these are working 😦

12 12 2008

I know…I’m really sad 😥 …but they’re there just so you all know which ones are done….
For some reason the link the doesn’t work….I’ve been trying to figure out what’s the problem.

12 12 2008
Michael Kestler

Can you put them on Youtube?

12 12 2008

I’ll upload some of them…I don’t really want to give it all away. After the “debut” of my cd they’ll all go on there. There’s already one on there:

12 12 2008
Michael Kestler

Oh ok, I understand. Looking at where you have the songs hosted on here, musicwebtown, it looks like their site is down. I’ll check again sometime this weekend.
I’m just interested in hearing your recording because I’m doing one within the next month 🙂 You know how it is when you’re getting ready to do it 😀

12 12 2008

I actually do know about that. Just before I started recording I spent hours doing research on home recordings and all that stuff. What kind of recording are you doing?

13 12 2008
Michael Kestler

Solo piano as well. A bunch of my friends have been bugging me to do something, so I’ll do it at the church I grew up in, they have a 5 1/2′ Knabe that sounds really great. It has one of the fullest sounds I’ve ever heard. 🙂 I wish you could have recorded yours on a real piano too…

20 04 2009

I like the new pictures. If you were selling your cd I’d buy it.

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