26 12 2009

I can’t wait! In about a week I’ll hopefully start learning trombone. Or if not learning one at least getting one. I have a friend at college who has offered to teach me when I get back! I’m so excited! I haven’t learned a new instrument in over a year I think. It’s pretty sad. This is the next step in me growing as a musician. Brass instruments! I just can’t believe this is happening. I hope it works out. 🙂




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26 12 2009

Take it from another musician; it’s not about how many instruments you can play, it’s about mastering the one(s) that you already know!

27 12 2009

I absolutely know it’s not about how many one plays. It doesn’t hurt to be well rounded. I’ve found that even buying instruments and playing them every once in a while has given me insight into music in general. Learning a brass instrument will just give me more insight. It will also help when/if I start writing music. To know how to play an instrument you’re writing for helps.

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