Hymn Playing Advice 2

12 07 2009

So in this previous blog post I talked about hymn playing and basically what I do but I just realized I left half of it. I didn’t get to talk about the right hand. Here goes.

Right Hand: I play in octaves, usually filled in. So instead of just play two Cs on a C chord I play a full C chord. (C, E, G, and a C just in case you didn’t know) Octaves give the song a fuller, richer song. It takes practice it’s not something that most people can pick up over night.

Left Hand: Let me amend this a little. I don’t JUST do octave and chords. I do use what pianist call runs. I’ll just 8th notes, 16th notes, and triplet runs. It’s something I was to expound on once I have a way of posting pictures of the hymns.

Expect more soon. Of course within reason since I’m leaving for college in a little less than 54 days.




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