Music Theory

12 06 2009

This astounds me. I know many musicians of all different levels. It amazes me that some of the most gifted know nothing about music theory and struggle when it’s taught. I know some who know a little and some who know none. The only person really that I know that knows music theory is my piano teacher. I knew some when I met her but she helped me learn lots more. I was looking at PCC’s description of the mu8sic theory classes and if I really wanted to and did a little bit of studying I could test out of Freshman music theory all together. That’s not bragging that’s just facts. I know that I would struggle through Sophmore music theory though. It looked really complex…if I don’t start from the beginning I would start in second semester Music Theory. I just don’t want to overburden myself with work that would come easier in time. We’ll see…college will be an exciting new prospect. One place that hopefully I’ll grow and learn so much more. I think that music theory will be one of my favorite classes. I think the harest part of it is learning soflege instead of using letters. If you don’t know it’s Do Re Me instead of C D E.

College is only 85 days away.




4 responses

12 06 2009

Music theory is awesome! To me, it’s another testament to God’s wisdom and omniscience. I am looking forward to college too! It’s gonna be a lot of fun (and hard work!)

12 06 2009

So true.

1 07 2009
Galilea Montijo Desnuda

eh.. love it.

6 10 2010

“I study myself more than any other subject; it is my metaphysic, and my physic.”

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