Social Networking

2 06 2009

Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Multiply. Many people use social networking everyday. I on one hand love Facebook! I use it every day. Thanks to Facebook I have connected to friends in Alaska, Oklahoma, Indiana, and many other places. It’s so amazing. I just can’t believe how much technology has progressed. My friend from Oklahoma I haven’t seen in 4 years but before that I hadn’t seen him in probably another 5 years. A girl from Indiana is someone I haven’t had contact with in about 10 or so years. It’s been so long. I am using Multiply right now to follow the Heartland Baptist Bible College singing groups. (Witness!, GloryBound Quartet, and Assurance Trio) I do not use Myspace or Twitter. It’s so amazing. I can’t believe it. The “magic” of the internet.




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3 06 2009

Social networking is amazing.

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