American Idol Prediction

12 05 2009

I haven’t seen tonights episode yet. Here’s my prediction:

3. Kris Allen

2. Danny Gokey

1. Adam Lambert

Here’s why. Kris Allen has an amazing voice. Very smooth and jazzyish but he just doesn’t have what it takes to beat out Danny or Adam. I must admit that I would LOVE to see Danny Gokey win. I highly doubt it wil happen. Honestly Adam is flamboyant and exciting but he can’t really sing. All he really does is scream. You may not believe this but I’ve been playing music for 8 years, which includes 13 instruments and singing. Anyways. Danny Gokey has a chance, not a great one but one none the less. I really want him to win, I just can’t see Adam being an American Idol. I could see him doing stuff but honestly I think that American Idol would in the end end up holding him back. We’ll see how this week goes then I’ll blog about it again.




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