College Is So Near

8 05 2009

120! The magical number of the day. Or more accurately the number of days until college. Basically 4 months. College seems so close and yet so far away. I’ve already mentioned my concerns about academic and social adjustments. 



I was homeschooled. Enough said. Just joking. If I were going to a community college I probably wouldn’t have a problem. I’ve been told that A Beka cirriculum is one of the more advanced cirriculums out there, I’ve even herad that it’s one full grade level higher, which I would believe. Since the college is part of A Beka I expect the college academics to be tougher. I’m not really sure what to expect. My classes will be relatively simple.

New Testament Survey

English Grammar and Composition

Mathematics Elective

Freshman Music Theory

Piano Lesson

Fundaments of Speech


The Bible class will be relatively simple since I’ve grown up in church my whole life. G&C will be easy after 4 years of A Beka English, you take a placement test for this but I’m considering staying in English 101 just so I can kind of breeze through it. You are also tested for Mathematics, this won’t be hard. One that is also tested for is Music Theory. My piano teacher has told me that I would probably be able to get out of the first semest of music theory, but I probably won’t. I want to make my first year relatively simple since I must also work during that year. I took a Speech class in high school so I at least know what to expect. Ensemble is kind of a mystery. I know that you work with groups, I think it teaches working with others and stuff. Hopefully I’ll do well academically.



Many say homeschoolers aren’t social. Quite the contrary, I am social but it’s more with adults than people my age. Although I must admit that I’m almost an adult, only 2 months. I do have a slightly hard time making friends but it is my nature. Mostly I think it’s because I’m a musician, lots of true musicians, mostly classical, are recluses. Interesting idea I guess. Over the years I’ve been becoming more social but really only with people I know. Which I guess offers a conundrum. Thankfully I’ll have friends there that can introduce me to people.


I know this sounds like a blog post I made a couple of days earilier but this is kind of diferent…something that’s just on my mind. My blog is really just for me to vent.




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9 05 2009

People keep telling you not to worry. You don’t need to worry. You’ll do fine.

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