College Survival?

6 05 2009

I wonder, I sometimes question: How will I survive? What will it be like? How will I adjust?

Coming from homeschooled life, I can’t even imagine what a difference college will be from living at home. What will the course difficulty/load be like? Will I be able to make friend?

The first two seem easy but the last one you may question. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a very shy person. Extremely shy. I don’t make friends, friends make me a friend. I’ve slowly been getting over it but I’m still extremely nervous around new people. (Don’t get me wrong, if I think I won’t meet you again I don’t think I’ll worry about it too much and I’m not nervous) Hopefully I’ll be able to cope. Thankfully I’ll have 4 friends there when I get there, 2 will be freshmen like me and 2 will be sophmores. Thankfully one of the freshman is kind of like me…slightly shy. I’ll admit that he’s more outgoing than I am but not a super lot more. 🙂 I’m hoping that because it’s a Christian college I’ll be able to make friends quicker…but there’s no guarantees. But I guess only time will tell. With college only 122 days away, it’s scaring me more and more. Hopefully I’ll be calm. Thankfully when I go one of the sophmores and one of the freshmen are flying with me and my parents. The other sophmore is the freshman’s sister. She has to go early for volleyball training and she’s taking her Mustang and driving with her dad, so her brother can’t fit in the back really, he’s 6’1″. It’s really cool that I’m not going there alone. It would be horrible if I had to go alone. I would probably end up missing my connecting flight. Of course without trying I will never know. Hopefully I’ll make it. 🙂




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6 05 2009
College Survival?

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6 05 2009
Mr. Atheist

First of all, why were you home schooled? And why not continue the home schooling? Did you parents “choose” the school for you or make you think you chose the school on your own? I am sorry your parents were – and didn’t allow you to socialize during a time you were supposed to (between the ages of 6-18). Now you are supposed to just “figure it out”? -. – for you. I don’t mean to rag on you at all, but you need to hear someone tell you that this is your chance to RUN. RUN HARD AND RUN FAST.

Classes will be fine. You’ll figure that part out quickly. Just sit up front. In all your classes. Most people know that the first and second rows tend to be the A’s and B’s and the you get the picture right? The further away from the teacher the worse your grade. hard to get that concept when you were HS. (Samn that – that you were HS)

Good luck.

7 05 2009

I wasn’t forced into homeschooled. I chose it and I love it. I choose the college I’m going to. I actually got more social time than normal people. I was doing stuff all day, interacting with people, and my school could be done whenever as long as it was done.

7 05 2009
Miss Yujin


Did you know that especially at Christian colleges students get a different idea about their faith? Professors at Christian colleges tend to be more open and even dubious about the religion. I heard that at one popular Christian college, when asked about the Bible one professor replied, “Well, it’s just fiction.”

I’m not trying to scare you, but I do want you to understand that college is college. Christian colleges are not going to be like Christian elementary/middle/high schools, and it definitely won’t be like homeschool.

Best of luck!

Miss Yujin

7 05 2009

I totally understand that a Christian college is just a fancy name for a college that has some religious beliefs that just about everyone on campus shares. I kind of know what to expect because obviously I have some friends that are there right now and they’ve really told me everything that I would want to know about the college. Thanks for the comment.

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