New Moon

28 04 2009

If you remember, I finished Twilight which I thought was a good read. Stephenie Meyer is a really good author. I have finally started New Moon. In less than a day I’m already on chapter 3 almost to chapter 4. It took me forever to get started with the first book, this one is easier to get started. I hope it doesn’t take me 6 weeks to read like the last one. 

I know that Christians don’t like these books. I have to say that I don’t see anything wrong with them. Those Christians who are usually against stuff like that haven’t read it. The books aren’t about these evil evil vampires, the book exudes almost fairy tale, story book stories. Pure fun, nothing evil. Some may argue it’s on an evil topic. It’s still just fiction, fiction is made up. People like Disney stuff. What if I were to argue that Toy Story is evil because those toys come to life, they MUST be demon possesed. Not true, it’s just fun, fiction. 🙂




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