They’re Out

24 04 2009

Well my wisdom teeth are out. Yay! I guess. My mouth is pain when I forget to take the pain medication. I know I won’t forget to take it any more. From what they’ve told me my worst days will be Sunday and Monday. 😥 I’m not really ready for this. That’s ok. The swelling hasn’t really started yet, which I’m thankful for. It has not been fun trying to find food to eat. This is what I have right now: jello, pudding, string cheese, and some chicken broth. I’m trying to figure out which foods I can eat without chewing. 🙂 I think I can mix some rice with the chick broth. My mom made one of my favorite dishes the day my teeth came out, pot roast. 😥 I’m going to have to try and not chew some of it. We’ll see. I also feel like a lazy bum…I can’t do anything, anytime I’m up I get dizy. I can’t wait until this passes. I’m so glad this happens once in one’s life time. I’ve found a new appreciation for food that one must chew.




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