Replacing Songs

18 04 2009

College is only 140 days away! Ahhh! I still need to finish that recording. I have Moonlight Sonata done I’m just a little too lazy to record it. Also to record it I would have to go over to a friend’s house. About the title now. I am considering using a duet my friend and I played for church once. I’ll just have to get permission to use it…if I don’t I’ll ask her to record something with me…it would be so much fun, I guess…that’s if it’s not to stressful. We’ll see  I guess. Although I’ve listened back on the track and some of them I absolutely hate I’m going to publish it. I’ve heard that most people don’t listen to their first cd because of how it sounds. Well the quality isn’t that great, I left the mistakes in intentionally, and of course the most obvious reason: it’s me playing. It always astounds me when people send me private messages or comment on my videos and say they love my playing. I’m sometimes absolutely annoyed with it…I’ll tell myself after I’ve recorded it…that was horrible or that wasn’t my best and I’m feeling lazy today. I think it’s a complex…I’m really unsatisfied with my level of playing…I always hear other people play and say that I wish I could play like that…we’ll see when I finish my first year of college, I want to put out a sampler cd of improvement from just one year at college, but then again there might not be any improvement. Wow, this has gone on way to long let’s just call this a post and get out of here.

Days Until College: 140




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