Learning New Stuff Everyday

17 04 2009

I realized I haven’t really updated you on what I’m learning right now. So here’s the list.

Mozart’s Turkish March – This is only getting a little bit of accuracy and then to speed it up.

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata Mvt. 3 – My piano teacher has said I won’t finish before college but we’re working on it. We’ve already played through the whole thing…I can play through it slowly.

Debussy’s Reverie – We haven’t officially started it but we’ve looked over it and I’m supposed to be playing through it.

Dino’s arrangement of Oh, How He Loves You and Me – Learning this for a camp competition piece.

Minor Scales – There’s 3 scales that I still have to learn. I’ll probably have to do an intense refresher of the other minor scales. For some reason they’re harder than major scales. 


That’s it for now…it seems really lite but with college 4 months away I’m freaking out. Starting now everytime I make a blog post I’ll include how many days until college.


Remaining days: 141




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17 04 2009
Learning New Stuff Everyday

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