American Idol Top 7

14 04 2009

Honestly, what does American Idol think they’re doing?! Last week and this week they’re basically allowing them to pick any song. and some of the contestants still blow it. This week either Anoop Desai or Lil’ Rounds will go. I was a fan of Lil’ Rounds during her audition, which I might add was AMAZING! For some reason Lil’ Rounds has not been on her game since the top 13, it’s really sad.

Tonights theme is: “Idol’s at the Cinema.” From what I’ve heard, they can basically pick anything that’s been a movie. I have heard many variations as people speculate what the theme’s specifics are. Some say that it’s the top 100 film songs and some say it’s any song from any movie. We’ll see this evening. I’m really excited. I want Danny Gokey to sing something from Phantom of the Opera. I think he’d excel at any of those songs.




One response

14 04 2009

Anoop should still be on the competition. I believe that LIL because most of the weeks she did wrong. She is a great singer but never be an ARTIST. Kris should also go.

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