New Moon

28 04 2009

If you remember, I finished Twilight which I thought was a good read. Stephenie Meyer is a really good author. I have finally started New Moon. In less than a day I’m already on chapter 3 almost to chapter 4. It took me forever to get started with the first book, this one is easier to get started. I hope it doesn’t take me 6 weeks to read like the last one.Β 

I know that Christians don’t like these books. I have to say that I don’t see anything wrong with them. Those Christians who are usually against stuff like that haven’t read it. The books aren’t about these evil evil vampires, the book exudes almost fairy tale, story book stories. Pure fun, nothing evil. Some may argue it’s on an evil topic. It’s still just fiction, fiction is made up. People like Disney stuff. What if I were to argue that Toy Story is evil because those toys come to life, they MUST be demon possesed. Not true, it’s just fun, fiction. πŸ™‚


A New Job in the Horizon

28 04 2009

If you haven’t heard already I basically have a job. I can’t guarentee it yet because they have to a background check. Obviously nothing will show up. I haven’t done anything bad or exciting for that matter. I hope there’s nothing there. πŸ™‚ I’m not worried, well I am…but I worry about everything. I was worried about the interview and it was ok…I felt a little nervous at first. Not as hard as I thought it would be. πŸ™‚ Hopefully I get this job I need it so badly. I will not tell you where it is due to stalkers. πŸ™‚ Oh, but please don’t stop praying, I still need prayer I don’t know if I have the job fully so please keep praying.

Pushups, Situps, or Squats

27 04 2009

What?! What is this? I have been referred to two sites. They claim that in 6 weeks they can get you to 100 pushups or 200 situps or 200 hundred squats. I will be starting this. My goal is to be somewhat healthy when I get to college. It’s actually really nice. You do 5 sets a day only 3 days a week. I’ll be able to run all three simultanously with the squats doubleing up on the situp days. This will be an interesting challenge. Once a week I’ll post about it, probably on Saturday or Sunday. Hope you out there consider doing it. If you do do it post about it in the comments when I post.Β 

One Hundred Pushups

Two Hundred Situps

Two Hundred Squats

College Thoughts

27 04 2009

I really must question if I’m ready for college. I’m going to a “big” college. I guess it’s not really big, but at 5,000 students it seems big. When the population of the city you’re coming from is 12,000 the college seems huge. I think it’ll be huge culture shock. I must admit that my family isn’t the biggest travelers, for me to fly across the country to a state I’ve never been to, to a college I’ve never actually been to, Β and a level of music study I’m not sure I’m ready for; this is very scarey. I honestly believe that this is God’s way of testing me, pushing me out of my comfort zone and testing my faith.

Flordia: the complete opposite of Washington. When I was considering colleges, the four I considered would test me. Two in California, one in Oklahoma, and one in Florida. All not what I’m used to. I think it was God’s way of putting me out of my comfort zone. Honestly if it were my choice I would have stayed at home, gone somewhere local, probably never left. As I think about it I must admit that I need this badly.

Now you may say: “You’ve never been to this college?! What?!” This is where I differ from many people. I prayed intesely about the college God wanted me to go to. This college I had the most peace about. Β I honestly believe this is where He wants me. Could I be wrong, possiblely. This could be God putting me there for a time before having me move on. I don’t really know and I don’t think that I will know until it happens.

The music program scares me a little. I have a friend in the music program right now who tells me not to worry. She tells me I’ll do fine. I of course must worry about everything. It is unfortunately my personality. Something someday I hope I grow out of. The music program to me seems intesnse, of course I have nothing to compare it to. From what I’ve heard the music students are required to practice 15 – 20 hours a week, depending on the teacher. For me, balancing that with work, study, and a social life will be hard. Thankfully I’m not the most out going person in the world, I’m actually not that out going.Β 

Now you all have insight into my life. With college only 131 days away there’s so much to prepare for. I need some clothes, thankfully not to many but some still. I need to prepare two audition pieces. Yikes! I want them memorized even though it’s not required. I didn’t want to admit this but I need to learn how to wash and iron clothes. Something I just never learned. Unfortunately for me I don’t have a lot of time to do it. You’ll hear a lot more as college gets closer. Probably at about 100 days. If you’re a praying person please pray, I usually don’t get spiritual in my blog posts but this is the exception.

American Idol Prediction

25 04 2009

Well with most of the contestants gone the competition is getting really tight. Down to the top 5 I think that the competition is going to be close and I don’t know if anyone can accurately predict it. I know that Adam is going to win, it’s very unlikely that anyone will win unless there’s a huge surprise later in the competition. Here’s the order I think the competition will end in.

5. Matt Giraud

4. Allison Iraheta

2. 3. Danny Gokey or Kris Allen

1. Adam Lambert


I want to believe that Dannk Gokey will be in the finals but with the way that he’s been singing I wonder if he’ll make it. I have always loved Danny from the beginning but my loyalty is slowly switching to Kris Allen. I don’t want Adam to win. I’ve heard from many people that they don’t like his studio recordings as much as the live performances. I would totally agree with that. He’s very flamboyant and energetic, without seeing it it’s not the same. That’s why I think that Danny or Kris would make a better winner, they both do well on the stage and the recordings sound great. I would want Allison to win but all of her songs sound exactly the same no versatility. I don’t think Matt has a chance. I didn’t like him at all, ever. I don’t even know how he made it into the top 13, or even 36 for that matter. Well only tim will tell if I’m right.

They’re Out

24 04 2009

Well my wisdom teeth are out. Yay! I guess. My mouth is pain when I forget to take the pain medication. I know I won’t forget to take it any more. From what they’ve told me my worst days will be Sunday and Monday. πŸ˜₯ I’m not really ready for this. That’s ok. The swelling hasn’t really started yet, which I’m thankful for. It has not been fun trying to find food to eat. This is what I have right now: jello, pudding, string cheese, and some chicken broth. I’m trying to figure out which foods I can eat without chewing. πŸ™‚ I think I can mix some rice with the chick broth. My mom made one of my favorite dishes the day my teeth came out, pot roast. πŸ˜₯ I’m going to have to try and not chew some of it. We’ll see. I also feel like a lazy bum…I can’t do anything, anytime I’m up I get dizy. I can’t wait until this passes. I’m so glad this happens once in one’s life time. I’ve found a new appreciation for food that one must chew.

Wisdom Teeth Coming Out

22 04 2009

In approximately 24 hours my wisdom teeth will be out. People tell me not to worry but this is my first surgery. Ever. I guess I’ve been kind of shelter from anything that would cause a surgery. Giving it second thought to it right now, I think it’s a good thing. We’ll you’ll be hearing from me after the surgery. Probably a couple days after.