American Idol Performance

31 03 2009

Here’s a list of what I though of every performance and then I’ll list them in the order from best to worst.

Anoop Desai – Yeah right. HORRIBLE! That’s all that I can say.

Megan Joy – Needs to go right now. It’s not that she can’t sing it’s that she can’t pick songs.

Danny Gokey – My favorite in the competition right now. I felt that his singing was from the heart.

Allison Iraheata – It was ok….she was really trying to impress…and it wasn’t working.

Scott MacIntyre – AMAZING. Although I liked him at first and then I didn’t like him, I have found that tonight he amazed me. Just the sound of the pure piano and his voice was great.

Matt Giraud – To me, as well as to the judges, it was way to close to the original.

Lil Rounds – Good. At some times it sounded a little whiney but other than that it was great!

Adam Lambert – To me it was a disaster! I love the original and I love Taylor Hick’s version from two seasons ago and now Adam comes along with his shouty voice and I don’t like it.

Kris Allen – !!! Great !!! My favorite from this night.


Best to Worst:

Kris Allen

Scott MacIntyre

Danny Gokey

Matt Giraud

Lil Rounds

Allison Iraheata

Adam Lambert

Anoop Desai

Megan Joy




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