Updated AI Prediction

24 03 2009

My list has changed in less than two weeks. There are reasons listed by each name.

10. Scott MacIntyre – Good voice. Does not record well. No real personality.

9. Megan Joy – Good voice. Weird personality….not good enough to win.

8. Michael Sarver – Ok voice. Better than the last two. Not good enough to win.

7. Matt Giruad – Personality galore. This will carry him far.

6. Kris Allen – Personality and looks. Or so I’ve read from some forums. Kind of creepy since he’s married.

5. Anoop Desai – People like him. He’s got versatility that Allison and Adam don’t have but not enough to win.

4. Allison Iraheta – Young and has a great voice.

3. Lil Rounds – Amazing voice. 

2. Adam Lambert – Stage personality. That’s about it. He doesn’t belong on the show…he belongs on Broadway. He yells everything…something I can’t stand.

1. Danny Gokey – Amazing voice. Personable. Best voice in the competition. Very versatile which I think is super important.


Well there’s my list for this week. We’ll check back in a couple weeks with an updated list.




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