Twilight Update

13 03 2009

Well it’s been almost a month and I’m only about half way done with the book. I must admit as much as I don’t read it, everytime I pick it up it’s really hard to put down. It’s been a super enjoying read. I must admit that I’m jealous, I guess this is the authors first book and it’s a New York Times Best Seller. I wish I could do that.

The imagery in the book is astounding. Very well written. The characters are described extremely well and they are all relateable to, well except for Edward but honestly I don’t think anyone I know is a vampire. I must say that Stephenie Meyer captured Washington state very well. Although I don’t know where the town of Forks is…I believe it’s real…well that is if it’s not…altough it could be real.

I can’t wait until I finish the book.




3 responses

13 03 2009

What? You live in WA and you don’t know any vampires?! har har… Forks is indeed a real town. I thought the second book in the series was better than the first, but I enjoyed both stories. šŸ™‚

13 03 2009
Miss Yujin

I didn’t think the story was very well written, though the idea was rather refreshing. Glad you’re enjoying it, though!

I loathed the second book, but I heard that the third one is amazing. šŸ™‚

14 03 2009
Tom Clemans

Forks is possibly the third most western town in the continental U.S. I believe only LaPush and Ozette are more west than Forks. It is a “logging town” on Highway 101 at the west side of Olympic National Park.

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