American Idol Prediction

21 02 2009

Although the first week has already played out every single person I wanted to get through did. 🙂 I have decided to predict who will in order of from 12 – 1.

12) Nick Mitchel

11) Nathaniel Marshall

10) Von Smith

9) Matt Breitzke

8) Mishavonna Henson

7) Michael Sarver (Already in the top 12)

6) Lil Rounds

5) Alex Wagner-Trugman

4) Scott MacIntyre

3) Alexis Grace (Already in the top 12)

2) Jasmine Murray

1) Danny Gokey (Already in the top 12)

The top 7 people are honestly people I like. I don’t pick based on personality, to me personality is only about 10%. I pick based on pure talent and vocal ability. The top 2 are my ultimate favorites. Scott MacIntyre is one of my favorites but I don’t know if he has what it takes to win. If Danny and Jasmine don’t make it into the top 2 I will be very disappointedc in America’s ability to vote. Both Danny and Jasmine have the talent and personality to make it. Well this ends my tyrade. I guess in 3 weeks we’ll find out how correct/incorrect I was. Hopefully I’ll be at least 75% correct.




One response

22 02 2009

Danny Gokey is undeniably talented; i would put my money on him to win the whole thing

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