American Idol 12/36 Group 1

18 02 2009

I must say that I’m quite amazed. Many of the performances were amateurish, karaoke almost.
My FAVORITE performance was Danny Gokey’s performance of Hero. Great performance. If they did studio recordings this early in the competition I’d be all over this one.
I was very disappointed with Michael Sarver’s performance. To me he was one of the favorites but because of song choice I think he ruined it.
Alexis Grace was great. I must admit that I’m amazed that the female back-up singer had an amazingly deep voice.
I also loved Ann Marie Boskovitch and disagreed with the judges who told her that her performance was old, if I remember correctly.
I ended up voting once that night, using one text on Danny Gokey. I tried calling but the phone lines were busy. Imagine that. I didn’t really want to wait around for them to free up so I just decided to call it a night and hope that America agreed with me. 🙂 We’ll see tonight. Tomorrow a post will be up about my agreements and disagreements with who went through.




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