14 02 2009

This book has been a controversy for many Christians. Sometimes I think everything popular is. Although I must admit that my parents didn’t want me to read the Harry Potter books, I did read some. The first few were actually ok. They were about a kid who was struggling to survive basically. Eventually now, my parents don’t really care. So now I have basically decided to read Twilight for myself. I have heard that there isn’t anything inappropriate that would normally be in a vampire novel. I’m really curious to find out more about it. I’ve always had a problem with Christians taking a stance against something that hasn’t been tried. Before you get onto me I’m not telling Christians to go try alchol and stuff like that. That’s common sense, but books to me a controversial. You can’t really trust someone to write a review and it to be accurate. Although it’ll be accurate to the writer if you read the book, you might interpret it differently than the reviewer or even the author. (It’s one of the reasons I never like the Literature part of my English classes. My mind thinks more abstractly than most and I usually get something way out there that’s “not correct”) 

Hopefully from this blog post you can make up your own mind about stuff.




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25 02 2009

Great idea. I totally agree with you.

1 05 2009
Twilight Critisism?! Twilight Ignoramous! « A Musician’s Mind

[…] who questioned why I read Twilight.  If you want to know my stance on this stuff here’s a link. Well she wanted to tell me that her friend wrote this “review” on it critisizing the […]

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