The Road to the Top 36!

11 02 2009

Well it’s finally here. The week before the top 36 are picked. Well they’re actually picked and announced tomorrow. I’m really excited. This is where it’s gets really good. I’ve seen one person get eliminated that I liked: Lanisha Jones, or something like that. Great voice, horrible audition late night. My sister and I saw one person who said: This song is easy. He then preceeded to forget the lyrics, ask the judges if he could try again. They let him. He still forgot the lyrics. The song was Time of My Life. Suny by David Cook, last year’s winner, and it was the winning song. I saw lots of good people and some bad people make it. Tonight will be the real test to see if I like everyone sent on. The judges have a hard choices to make. They eliminated approximately 18 people. They have approximately 57 people to pick from. They have to narrow it down to 36. It gets hard when you have the to pick from 57 out of probably hundreds of thousands. 🙂 Hopefully they pick good people.




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