25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

7 02 2009

1. I play 13 instruments. I want it to be more someday.

2. I want a Doctorate degree in music. If I can’t get that I’l settle for a Master’s.

3. Someday I want to go to all of the states in the US.

4. I would also like to visit many foreign countries.

5. I can do a Rubik’s Cube in about a minute.

6. I am obsessed with podcasts.

7. I love photography.

8. I love watching the Food Network.

9. I wish I could cook.

10. I love to twitter. http://www.twitter.com

11. I can’t play classical music very well.

12. There are some days where I listen to my iPod for most of it.

13. If I could go sky diving I would, I think.

14. I practice music about 2 hours a day.

15. I want to learn how to sing.

16. I want a Wacom tablet so I can do photoshop better.

17. I would buy a Mac laptop if I were given the money. I don’t think I’d ever spend my own money.

18. If I could be my own band I would. It’s really hard to do it though….perfect timing is what it’s all about.

19. Sometimes I’m to truthfully honest.

20. I can’t wait to go to college, although I am apprehensive about it.

21. I don’t know how to swim.

22. I ALWAYS wear a collared shirt. Except to bed.

23. If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live right where I am

24. Piano is my favorite instrument. I love mandolin too. But piano is number 1!

25. I don’t EVER plan on getting married.


These are in no particular order. I’ve had to put lots of thought into it. Hopefully you enjoy. In the comments why don’t you post 25 things about you? Go ahead.




One response

9 02 2009

Wow! Lots of adventures. Someday I want to be able to experience lots of those things. Although I won’t get to experience most I want to experience lots of different things.

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