Reworking Cd Cover

27 02 2009

Just so you know I haven’t forgotten. I’m still trying to finish the last two songs. While I was thinking about it I decided that I didn’t really like the look of the cover. I have decided to re-do it. You’ll all be getting to see it soon. The picture is still the same. I redid the font and created a shadow effect with the text. Can’t wait to finish it and upload it.


American Idol 12/36 Group 2

26 02 2009

HORRIBLE! That’s just about the only thing I could say about it. Although there were a couple of people who did okay: Alish Irahita (Sp) and Adam Lambert, I never thought they did any good before. Other than that everyone did horrible. I have always liked Jasmine Murray but she didn’t do as good as she could have done.  Oh well. I’m kind of curious to see how it comes out. 

Next week is what I’m eager about. There are 5 people I’m eager to hear sing. We’ll see if they can impress me.

Greg Howlett

24 02 2009

I was looking at a friend’s facebook page and he was a fan of someone called: Greg Howlett. I checked it out. It linked to his website. I looked and listened and immediatly fell in love with his style of music. It’s something I would play if I could play it. He also gave free lessons for church musicians. Really helpful. He also had a couple of his arrangements for free download. I have fallen in love with his playing and wish that someday I’ll be able to do that too. Maybe.

American Idol Prediction

21 02 2009

Although the first week has already played out every single person I wanted to get through did. 🙂 I have decided to predict who will in order of from 12 – 1.

12) Nick Mitchel

11) Nathaniel Marshall

10) Von Smith

9) Matt Breitzke

8) Mishavonna Henson

7) Michael Sarver (Already in the top 12)

6) Lil Rounds

5) Alex Wagner-Trugman

4) Scott MacIntyre

3) Alexis Grace (Already in the top 12)

2) Jasmine Murray

1) Danny Gokey (Already in the top 12)

The top 7 people are honestly people I like. I don’t pick based on personality, to me personality is only about 10%. I pick based on pure talent and vocal ability. The top 2 are my ultimate favorites. Scott MacIntyre is one of my favorites but I don’t know if he has what it takes to win. If Danny and Jasmine don’t make it into the top 2 I will be very disappointedc in America’s ability to vote. Both Danny and Jasmine have the talent and personality to make it. Well this ends my tyrade. I guess in 3 weeks we’ll find out how correct/incorrect I was. Hopefully I’ll be at least 75% correct.

Fruit Basket

20 02 2009

So today I decided to photograph a “basket of fruit.” Because I couldn’t find a real basket I used a cake platter. 🙂 I think it turned out good. I grabbed random fruit and placed it as artistic as I could. And yes, tomatoes are a fruit. 🙂 It’s a grape tomato.fruit-plate

Dentist Visit

19 02 2009

I had another dentist visit today for an xray of my mouth. A full xray of my mouth. This is so they can see if my wisdom teeth have to be pulled out. AHHH!!! I’m really freaked out about my wisdom teeth coming out. The only reason I’m blogging about this is because I have a question: Can I keep the xray after they’r done? My thoughts are: after they use it, can they even use it again. Think about it…with my wisdom teeth gone will the xray be accurate? No. If I get to keep it I would get a frame for it and hang it up in my room. That’s one of the coolest things to me, have an xray of yourself. 🙂

American Idol Results Night!

18 02 2009

Do I agree with who made it through? The answer is: YES!!! Great people. They all performed flawlessly yesterday. The group song was nice. I’m very disappointed in some of the girls. It looked like some of them were vieing for the camera’s attention. To me that’s quite shameful. Other than that good. Carly Smithson and Michael Johns sang: The Letter. A nice song…great harmonies. 

The people who made it:

Alexis Grace

Michael Sarver

Danny Gokey

The people who didn’t make it:

Casey Carlson

Stephen Fowler

Rick Braddy

Jackie Tohn

Anoop Desai

Ann Marie Boskovitch

Brent Kieth

Stevie Wright

Tatiyana Del Toro