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29 01 2009

Well let’s see, isn’t that how I start most of my blog posts. Let’s start with what I’m working on. My piano teacher is giving me a couple week break, thankfully.

Classical Pieces:

Moonlight Sonata, all movements

Mozart, Turkish March (Still trying to finish that)



At the Cross, arranged in the key of C# minor


Scales: All the scales listed are for the Natural and Harmonic

F# Minor 

C# Minor

G# Minor/Ab Minor

B Minor

Bb Minor/A# Minor

Eb Minor
WOW! Busy!


I recieved the order. Perfect! I guess my piano teacher will have to approve. We have no choice now since I can’t return it without it costing to much. It looks ok but slightly different the version my piano teacher has and even the one I had.


The cd came today as well! Beautiful. Julia Fischer interpreted Bach’s concertos really really well. I have just started listening to it not to far into it but I love it.

I hope that you all enjoy reading my blog and that you would keep reading. Please post comments and let me know how I’m doing.




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