Need Sheet Music? I Know of a Website!

24 01 2009

My piano teacher told me of a website.

The sales are great! If you become a member, which is free to become,  you automatically get a 10% discount! WOW! If you buy $300 worth of stuff, which is a lot but if it’s the only place you buy music and you’re serious about music it’s not bad, the discount increases; up to 25%. Now I haven’t spent lots of time on the site but right now it seem reasonable. I just bought Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. All three movements for only $7.15, of course I wanted to pay extra for faster shipping and there’s a handling fee on anything less than $20 but other than that it was worth it. (Hopefully it’s the right one, I couldn’t see it so I’m not positive but I’m pretty sure it’s the right one.) It’s even Kalmus method. I’m not sure what the normal cost is but it’s a good method. My piano teacher was telling me that it’s one used to teach in colleges and stuff like that. A good reliable one, I guess. Hopefully you can go there and get a good experience. I’ll be blogging about it when I get the music.




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