College Life?!

12 01 2009

I wonder if I’ll have a life at college? Let’s see. Now I haven’t done any of these calculations in advance so let’s see what’s up.

Total hours in a week: 168 hours

Total hours minus Sunday: 144 hours (This is due to church and stuff like that)

Total sleep time minus Sunday: 42 hours

Total hours of eating minus Sunday: 18 hours

Hours of Chapel during the week: 5 hours

Hours of piano practice: 15 -25 (We’ll assume 20 because it’s in between)

Hours of work a week: 15 -20 hours

Hours of classes: 18 hours (I don’t know if that’s how many hours I spend in class but that’s how many credit hours I have) (I also have a student success seminar with 0 credit hours but I do have to attend it)

Total hours used: 123 hours
Hours left: 21 hours

You may think that that’s plenty of time but I have an Ensemble requirement which will require time…I’m not sure how much.  There is also the issue of homework and extra studying. I can’t image having too much extra free time. Hopefully I’ll have some time to me in between everything else. (That also doesn’t include other activities that one is required to attend. The occasional senior recitals and sports events and other stuff like that.)




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