Television Series

10 01 2009

Sadness fills my heart today. About 30 minutes ago I finished watching Stargate Atlantis’ final episode, ever. I actually really liked this series compared to the first one. Although I liked the first one the second one was better. Of course I must not be sad for much longer. Stargate Universe should start up this summer, hopefully.
Although on a different note American Idol starts up Tuesday. I used to hate this show thinking it was stupid, I never actually saw it until last season. Last season was actually amazing. I heard lots of bad singers…but I heard lots of good ones. I have heard this season will be very different, I’m interested to see what it’ll be like. I know that lots of Christians disapprove of the show and I even don’t really like the kind of music that they sing but it’s quite interesting. Especially listening to people who can’t sing but insist that they can. Then when they audition they’re in tears because they weren’t picked. Honestly if anyone thinks about it only like one hundred fifty are picked, out of thousands if not tens of thousands.
I will be blogging about American Idol as it progress and hopefully making predictions and posting my opinions on each singer. Especially as it gets into the Top 36 then to the Top 12. Hopefully you will enjoy reading my opinions in the following weeks.




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