Youth Conference

7 01 2009

So I had the chance to go to the 14th Annual Preacher’s Delight in Tacoma, Washington. It was great! They had special services just for the teens. The specials were amazing, the preaching was phenomenal, and the fellowship was very sweet. I enjoyed it very much. This year, unlike many years in the past, the whole youth group from my church was able to go. 🙂 This was nice, getting to share the experience with all of them. They too, enjoyed it. Sometimes I just wish that it could be accessible to all the world. Of course that’s not possible.
The preachers there were: Dr. Johny Pope, Dr. Eric Capaci, Dr. David Gibbs, and Dr. Oulette(Not sure what his first name is). All of the preaching was great and much of it was pointed right at me.
The specials were special, for lack of a better word. I recorded one with my camera. The offering of Tuesday night, in which Nelson played a beautiful arrangement of How Great Thou Art. (Which you can look for on youtube soon.) I’m assuming it’s his own because he has a master’s degree in music and when you have any degree in music what do you really need other arrangers for…especially when you can do it yourself. 🙂 They also had a girls group and a guys group sing. One of the songs that really touched me was: “Bow the Knee.” A song that has a strong message. Oh, also Nelson also sang! All of the songs seemed to be right on with the messages and the whole atmosphere there was a sweet spirit that could have only come from God.
I really do wish that it could have lasted much longer, but of course all good things come to an end. Of course it coming to an end let’s me look forward to next year’s. I really am excited!




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7 01 2009

Dr. Ouellette’s first name is Renee, hence, why he goes by R. B.

Which version of Bow the Knee did they do? Ron Hamilton’s or the other one?

7 01 2009

I think it was a different version. It was really nice. I have the music for it and some of the teens from my church decided that they wanted to do it. I’m really excited and happy.

29 11 2010

Hey there. That was indeed my arrangement. Do intend to attend that conference this year? I hope to see you there.

29 11 2010

Hey there. That was indeed my arrangement. Do you intend to attend that conference this year? I hope to see you there.

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