Blogging During the Month of December

24 12 2008

I have found that blogging during this month is almost non-existent. During this whole month no one wants to blog or even read my blog for that matter. I have found a lack of blogging on many people’s part even those who blog regularly. Now before you say: “People have jobs and must shop.” I say: “It takes 5 minutes to write a blog.” Well, there’s my short rant…I just needed to get that out there for people to read…of course no one will read it this month.
Just for an idea, yesterday I got 20 hits on my blog page…that was the highest in about 2 weeks. It’s really sad…really the blog is just for me, and memoir of my life but it’s nice to know that people are reading my blog.
This will be my last blog post until after Christmas. Merry Christmas, to all. 🙂




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