Studying Music

22 12 2008

I have found that studying my music is hard. I’m basically preparing for college. I’ve found it stressful…especially trying to get my level up to an acceptable. Here’s a list of the classes I have to take for my first semester.

BI 101 New Testament Survey 2
CL 101 Student Success Seminar 0
EN 101 English Grammar and Composition 3
MU 101 Freshman Music Theory 4
PE PE Activity Elective 1
PI 121 Piano Lesson 1
SP 101 Fundamentals of Speech 3
ST 201 Strings Instruction I 1
Ensemble 1
Total Hours 16

Since I have already learned 2 out of the 4 stringed instruments they teach, I want to substitute it with Voice classes…which I think is a group class…I need it. Badly! Joking…I can sing ok…but not good. 😦
Oh well…college here I come!




2 responses

22 12 2008

When are you starting?

22 12 2008

Pensacola Christian College in Florida. Total weather opposite from Washington.

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