7 12 2008
Yes! Score! I’ve done it! 8/8 recordings finished. You might be thinking: “What about the other two songs?” Well I can’t finish those until my piano teacher approves of them. We are currently working on them. (Turkish March and Moonlight Sonata.) Just remember if you hear them it’s not supposed to be perfect…it’s supposed to be me….if there’s a lack of emotion…it’s me. This is supposed to be my playing before college. Also here’s the new picture for the cd back. This picture was taken by Narah Valoria. (Hope I spelled your name correctly) I know it’s a little hard to read. Any suggestions would be helpful. I would also like to know which you like better. The original one or this new one.
New CD Back



3 responses

7 12 2008

Try changing the font or at least making what you have bold.

7 12 2008

I was going to make it bold…but then I forgot to do it…now I’m contemplating if I shold do it again. I guess I should…there’s a little white dot…that’s a light…I forgot to edit it out.

8 12 2008

It could probably use a more professional font.

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