Almost half done! Compromising? I Hope Not

3 12 2008

Well my days have been filled with recording. That’s about it except for meals and ocassionally watching a movie. Now four out of the eight songs are done. You might be screaming: “Wait, I thought there was ten songs.” There are but right now my piano teacher is working on them with me and I wouldn’t put them on until she though I were ready. I know the Turksih March will be done by Christmas, that’s out goal. Hopefully the Moonlight Sonata will be done by the end of January. Thankfully the cd is moving along. Although it will get harder to record since I must return the keyboard. 😦 That’s what you get for borrowing a nice keyboard. The songs that are done are:

What Wondrous Love

Invention in F Major

Jesus Loves Me Medley

Prelude in B Minor


As I’ve said before it’s really hard recording without hearing the music. I image it’s what a deaf person experiences except they get vibrations as well. LOL.

One thing I am starting to compromise on is: perfection. How perfect should the piece be? So this has been a point of contention. For example: What Wondrous Love has one and only one real mistake. It’s a little obvious but I’m not sacrificing the rest of the song because of a one second mistake. One thing I’ve kind of decided on, is making the recording sound slightly human. Since this cd is mostly for me as a reference point when I come back from college, I have decided that I don’t want it to sound perfect, but I don’t want it to sound like I don’t care. Now if I were selling it, yes, it should be about ten steps above perfect, but for now it will have to do. 🙂




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