Recording Solution!?

2 12 2008

Well I’ve found a solution…kind of. I’ve decided not to record the files as midi then transfer them; instead i will record it through the microphone port in my laptop (which I found out has a better sound card than my dad’s computer! How weird) There’s only one set back….I can’t hear what I’m recording. For some reason the computer won’t let me hear what I’m recording live but it’s got perfect audio. So don’t attack me when the recordings aren’t just so…it’s because when you’ve tried it 30 times you lose patience. I spent probably an hour trying to record Chopin’s Prelude in B Minor. A one and a half minute song. Didn’t complete it. 😦 That’s ok I’ll try again tomorrow…or actually today. Well I better get some sleep I have lots of recording in front of me…yay.




2 responses

3 12 2008
Michael Kestler

Which program are you using? Right now my church uses Audacity and there is an option in Preferences to allow live playback… Hope that helps 🙂

3 12 2008

Normally I use Audacity but I’ve found Multitrack Studio…it will record audio and midi. (Originall I was going to record midi and then convert to audio)

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