Recording Dumbness

1 12 2008

Well after saying that my friend helped get the recording equipment up and running, the program started to go on the blink. So I decided I would use a different one. Now the new one is not working very well and being stupid. I might have to start recording with a different method, one that won’t be as nice… :(. If anyone out there knows how to fix midi recording that would be so cool. Hopefully this will work out. I have designed the outside back cover. Here it is…this time  I remembered to put it in. 🙂

Cd back

Cd back




3 responses

1 12 2008

Hey, what software are you using to record and what audio interface if any?

1 12 2008

Well I’m using a Yamaha keyboard. I’m borrowing it from a friend. It’s a full piano. I’m using a USB MIDI cable to record to Multitrack Software. Something I found while searching google. For some reason it’ll connect and tell me that it’s connected but it won’t record.

1 12 2008

You may be better off not using MIDI. If it’s just one of two channels of solo piano then 1/4″ audio out will probably be sufficient.

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