Lights of Christmas

28 12 2008

I got to go to the lights of Christmas! Of course going resulted in me getting a little worse. 😦 The lights were beautiful. We got to see over a million lights. 🙂 I have some pictures on facebook which you can view, even if you don’t have a facebook. The pictures say it all.
The caraziest thing we really did was wait in line for an hour for donuts! I heard they were really good but they weren’t worth an hour of waiting. 😦 It was six donuts for $2.00. Kind of expensive but kind of worth it. Better than Krispy Creame, I guess. Well enough talking for now. 🙂


Christmas Gifts

26 12 2008

I got so many cool gifts! Let’s see if I can list them all.
Leather gloves
Kahki slacks
Running sweater (even though I don’t run)
Jacket/sweater thing
Two long sleeved shirts
Sweater shirt
Digital camera
Video camera
4 a

Blogging During the Month of December

24 12 2008

I have found that blogging during this month is almost non-existent. During this whole month no one wants to blog or even read my blog for that matter. I have found a lack of blogging on many people’s part even those who blog regularly. Now before you say: “People have jobs and must shop.” I say: “It takes 5 minutes to write a blog.” Well, there’s my short rant…I just needed to get that out there for people to read…of course no one will read it this month.
Just for an idea, yesterday I got 20 hits on my blog page…that was the highest in about 2 weeks. It’s really sad…really the blog is just for me, and memoir of my life but it’s nice to know that people are reading my blog.
This will be my last blog post until after Christmas. Merry Christmas, to all. 🙂

What’s the Baby Using?

23 12 2008

What's the Baby Using?

I still don’t get this joke but I decided to do a photoshop edit of a speed limit sign in honor of the joke. 🙂 I did lots of work to the speed limit sign although it doesn’t really look like it. This youtube video explains the origins of the joke.

Studying Music

22 12 2008

I have found that studying my music is hard. I’m basically preparing for college. I’ve found it stressful…especially trying to get my level up to an acceptable. Here’s a list of the classes I have to take for my first semester.

BI 101 New Testament Survey 2
CL 101 Student Success Seminar 0
EN 101 English Grammar and Composition 3
MU 101 Freshman Music Theory 4
PE PE Activity Elective 1
PI 121 Piano Lesson 1
SP 101 Fundamentals of Speech 3
ST 201 Strings Instruction I 1
Ensemble 1
Total Hours 16

Since I have already learned 2 out of the 4 stringed instruments they teach, I want to substitute it with Voice classes…which I think is a group class…I need it. Badly! Joking…I can sing ok…but not good. 😦
Oh well…college here I come!

Family Pictures

20 12 2008

Well finally my family is getting pictures done. We haven’t gotten a family picture since I was like 5 maybe. How sad. I guess I’m ready. Of course my mom is forcing me to wear red…a color I hate wearing. Oh well…I think this picture will be a disaster because I am not photogenic. Of course I think lots of people think that. I know it…I guess I’ll upload it in a couple of weeks when we get it back…of course you’ll only see the photoshopped version. 😛


17 12 2008

This snow is scary. There’s so much of it! I’ll have to post a picture later but there’s a lot and more to come. Here’s a link so you can view the pictures on my facebook.