Well, Last Try

24 11 2008

I think this is the one I’m going to go with. I love the picture because of the simplicity and mystery. The text is simple…trying not to detract from the picture. I chose yellow text because it was a little hard to see black text down there. There will be a poll somewhere I want to know which picture you think is best.

Cd cover

Cd cover




6 responses

24 11 2008
Tom Clemans

Daniel, Your second cover was far better for several reasons. It was more crisp, had better color saturation, had better composition, and had nice looking clouds with pleasing definition. The foreground shore gave it a spatial depth the first picture didn’t have. Nice improvement!

Your third picture is the clear winner here in my view (pun not intended). The composition is the best of the three. Sharpness is good, and the composition gives it the best apparent 3-D depiction of the three pictures. The deep shadows along the right bank are fairly small (which is desirable), and lend some mystery to the image. However, the deep shadows on the left bank are a little too large or a little too dark. Since you can’t change the size, perhaps Photoshop can lighten that area a little, but don’t over-do it. It needs to remain a shadow area, but needs to display a little more detail within the area. You might try enhancing the lighting by lightening the shadows by about 15 to 20% as a beginning setting to see what it does in your eyes. (To do an overall shadow lightening, it will also lighten up the right bank some, but that may not be bad after all if not done to excess.)

There are no defined clouds here, but that is not a problem in this picture. The glow in the sky at the far end of the lake looks great. It is brightest at the horizon, then fades away into the sky. Nice rendition. You don’t need that glow to be defined clouds. (If there were real clouds higher in the sky, you would want them to be well-defined.)

I can’t imagine a better font or text colors to fit this photograph. Great looking cover!

25 11 2008

Actually, I really think another font would do the wonderful picture justice.

Something more cursive/elegant.

25 11 2008

Well I’d agree with you but I don’t really want to detract from the picture so with a simple font it makes it simpler. If you want find one and I’ll consider it.

26 11 2008

It’s possible to be simple and classy at the same time. Right now it looks like an attempt at cute+nature-esq thing. Honestly, it kind of looks like a brochure for a summer camp. No offense, though!

For a picture like this, Times New Roman would work. It’s simple, it’s classy, and it doesn’t “detract from the picture”. And try using white for your name rather than yellow. 🙂

26 11 2008

Of all 3 photos–I like the first picture but your name on the bottom would look better with a different font.

3 12 2008
Michael Kestler

How about using a font like Book Antiqua (or just Antiqua) in small caps?

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