23 11 2008
Cd Cover

Cd Cover

Here’s my proposed cd cover. That’s all I need to say. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I took the picture myself.

I also have a way to record with someone’s keyboard! Thanks.

I’m sorry. I uploaded it onto the internet then I forgot to put it in the blog. I feel so dumb.




3 responses

23 11 2008


23 11 2008

Okay, I see it now. lol

Maybe you can fix up the font a bit and change the positioning of the words. Right now it looks a bit cliche.

24 11 2008
Tom Clemans

Daniel, the sky would look a lot more interesting if you could bring out the detail in the clouds. See how much more interesting the cloud reflection is with its better detail. The reflection clouds don’t need much, if any adjustment. Make sure that any adjustments you make to the sky don’t “damage” the water ripples in the lake. You have a recent version of Photoshop that should easily be able to make the clouds look nice.
Enhancing the clouds will make your picture look like a professional photograph instead of an amateur snapshot (no insult intended).

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