Wonderful Wedding

15 11 2008

Well the trip there and back wasn’t bad. The wedding was simply beautiful. I’ll need to get some pictures up. There were seven bridesmaids and groomsmen, how interesting. The bride’s wedding dress was beautiful. You could just tell that it was her perfect wedding. (I found out later that she paid for it all herself, except for the catering which her parents paid for. I might add she wanted to pay for it.) I found out there that we were singning at the reception…which was really frustrating but out song was one of the best in my opion. Two of the bridesmaids sung O Perfect Love. The reception was good although I must admit I was stressing because I was helping with the technology and we couldn’t get it to work…how sad. Oh well, I think the wedding was just perfect. We ran into the happy couple at a gas station in town after the reception, how cool.

I also helped two girls carry their sound system out of the reception room. I didn’t realize sound equipment was so heavy. Of course it didn’t help that I have to lift a 30lb object with one hand and lift it above people’s heads so that I didn’t hit them while I tried to squeze through a tight isle. Uggg.




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