Recording comes…quite slowly.

29 11 2008

Well, I had a friend come and help me and we figured it out. But now I’m starting to get frustrated with the recording process. It’s very slow and it gets frustrating when I make a mistake. Hopefully I can finish without compromising the quality.



28 11 2008

Well I hope you all out there had a good Thanksgiving. I didn’t really. I wanted to start recording yesterday but the recording software decided it wanted to be dumb and stubborn. Oh well, I’m having a friend who knows the equipment to help out. Can’t wait to get started recording, I’m just itching to finish it and listen and critique myself.

Yesterday I was thinking of a song: He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away. The song can almost be a Thanksgiving song. Thanking God that He didn’t throw you or me away. It’s so beautiful.

Recording Starts!

26 11 2008

Well it’s time. I have everything to start recording. Yikes! I have lots to record in a little bit of time. Hopefully most of the songs will go smoothly. I’ll have some pictures up later of me recording.

Gas Prices!

25 11 2008

Well it’s officially a miracle. Gas is $1.99, how amazing! It hasn’t been this low in forever. I must admit that I am quite mad about the prices. When I was workin two years ago gas was at about $3.40. Ugggg. How much money could I have saved? Lots! Oh well.

On the lighter side I have a good chance at a job at iHop. Stalkerz!!! I kind of want the job because I know someone who works there but I don’t really know if I can do it, since I’ve never worked a job like this. If you pray I really need a job.

Well hopefully recording will start soon. After it starts it should be easy.

Well, Last Try

24 11 2008

I think this is the one I’m going to go with. I love the picture because of the simplicity and mystery. The text is simple…trying not to detract from the picture. I chose yellow text because it was a little hard to see black text down there. There will be a poll somewhere I want to know which picture you think is best.

Cd cover

Cd cover

Alternate CD Cover!

24 11 2008

Here’s my second choice. But maybe you guys can help me put the best qualities of both pictures. I’ve found that the other picture doesn’t have enough to create a better cloud cover.

Cd Cover 1

Cd Cover 1


23 11 2008
Cd Cover

Cd Cover

Here’s my proposed cd cover. That’s all I need to say. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I took the picture myself.

I also have a way to record with someone’s keyboard! Thanks.

I’m sorry. I uploaded it onto the internet then I forgot to put it in the blog. I feel so dumb.