31 10 2008

Well, I’ve never been tagged so I have to do some research on this and find out more about it. I guess the firs thing I do is to share 7 random or weird facts.

1. I play 13 instruments!

2. Just about 24 hours a day I am listening to my iPod. Except for at church of course.

3. I graduated one year early from school.

4. I love the show Stargate….but I’m not a fan…that would be kind of creepy.

5. I am not Korean. I get that a lot, that I look Korean. How annoying.

6. I can do a 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube in under 1 minute.

7. I want to get a Doctorate’s Degree in Music.


Unfortunately one of the rules is tagging 7 people’s blogs, but I don’t read that many blogs. So here’s the ones I read.




http://godshallblessus.blogspot.com/ (Laura sent this to me)




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