Church Christmas Program

4 10 2008

So Thursday I found out that I would help in accompanying the children in a Christmas program. It’s so frustrating, because it’s another serious one. Last year the adults did a Christmas program but it was so serious. Although I can’t give any details out….it’s a very very very serious play. Let’s just say: I have to play a song that has to do with a little boy and some Christmas shoes.
I’m so jealous a girl in my church just got a rental bass clarinet. One of my dreams was to play the bass clarinet…that is a quite expensive instrument. At the music store any bass clarinet two years and older cost $35.00 a month.
I have a job interview!!!! YAY! After a month of waiting I have a job interview. It’s at Warm Beach Senior Center as basically kitchen help. Before you dismiss the idea….you never your limits until you try; it’s a job, and I’m desperate. Well there’s another blog hopefully you enjoy!




One response

15 10 2008

i love christmas shoes….the song is gorgeous…if you want to hear my version on cd ill send it to you…

and when kids are doing a play it should be something fun… you are so right.

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