31 10 2008

Well, I’ve never been tagged so I have to do some research on this and find out more about it. I guess the firs thing I do is to share 7 random or weird facts.

1. I play 13 instruments!

2. Just about 24 hours a day I am listening to my iPod. Except for at church of course.

3. I graduated one year early from school.

4. I love the show Stargate….but I’m not a fan…that would be kind of creepy.

5. I am not Korean. I get that a lot, that I look Korean. How annoying.

6. I can do a 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube in under 1 minute.

7. I want to get a Doctorate’s Degree in Music.


Unfortunately one of the rules is tagging 7 people’s blogs, but I don’t read that many blogs. So here’s the ones I read.




http://godshallblessus.blogspot.com/ (Laura sent this to me)



21 10 2008

Well, I caved. I bought the High School Musical 3 Soundtrack. It was inevitable. I’m going to be listening to it. I’m so excited! YAY! What time is it?! HSM3 Soundtrack time.

Ignorance is Bliss?

18 10 2008

I don’t think so. Whoever said: “Ignorance is bliss” was ignorant. I have found that this will be my last year of the ability to be ignorant. As of next year I will be able to vote. Yikes! How scarey. Although I’m really excited to get to vote soon, I realize it’s a big responsibility. I feel really bad for not knowing anything that these candidates stand for. Although I must admit that I met someone who only believed there are two parties running for the presidency. I just kind of laughed and said no there’s more they’re just not as prevelent. He didn’t believe me. How sad. Oh well, here’s another post to my blog.

Double Frustration

15 10 2008

I got another call for a job at the NEX. I was so elated! I though: Here’s a person who finally wants to hire a 17 year old! So she said: I would like you to come in for an interview. Me: You do realize I’m 17 right? Her: Oh, that’s a problem.
Sometimes I hate being 17. Does anyone know if I can legally change my age? I would do it in a heartbeat.


14 10 2008

Although I have been frustrated with finding a job, I am not that discouraged. I am still waiting to hear from Safeway. The HR lady said: “It could be any day now. They might ask me to let go of someone.” TMI. (Too Much Information) I called Toys-R-Us. I got some lady who took down my name and number and hasn’t even called me back yet. Although to her credit it’s only been a couple of days. I’m going to apply to Target. A friend who works there says they pretty much hire all the time. Considering my luck I won’t get the job.
I don’t know if I blogged about this yet, but my friend Caitlin got onto Witness! A singing group from Heartland Baptist Bible College. I’m so excited for the cd to come out. She’s the pianist and she’s really good too.

Job Interview

6 10 2008

So my job interview was a flop. Partially because the HR lady didn’t know that I was 17, she assumed that I was 18 because I had graduated high school. Oh well. Somday I’ll get a job…someday.

Church Christmas Program

4 10 2008

So Thursday I found out that I would help in accompanying the children in a Christmas program. It’s so frustrating, because it’s another serious one. Last year the adults did a Christmas program but it was so serious. Although I can’t give any details out….it’s a very very very serious play. Let’s just say: I have to play a song that has to do with a little boy and some Christmas shoes.
I’m so jealous a girl in my church just got a rental bass clarinet. One of my dreams was to play the bass clarinet…that is a quite expensive instrument. At the music store any bass clarinet two years and older cost $35.00 a month.
I have a job interview!!!! YAY! After a month of waiting I have a job interview. It’s at Warm Beach Senior Center as basically kitchen help. Before you dismiss the idea….you never your limits until you try; it’s a job, and I’m desperate. Well there’s another blog hopefully you enjoy!