Complete Boredom…

13 09 2008

*Giant sigh* I have had nothing interesting happen in my life…how boring…it depresses me sometimes how much, or actually how little, happens in my life. I can’t wait until college. Hopefully college life will be so much more exciting. YAY!

My piano teacher has assigned me to start learning a book completely built around technique. It’s called Hanon. Whatever or whoever that is….although she said I should know who that is. This year…if I didn’t write it in my last blog…we’ll be buckling down and getting me prepared for college.

How much I miss my friends who have gone to college. Life seems so droll now but maybe it’s just me….or maybe it’s their fault. LOL joking.

This next “school year” will be interesting since I’ve graduated. Did I blog about that alrady? I don’t think so. As of August the 27th I’m officially an adult. YAY ME! What will I do.

I still need a job….although I’m expecting to hear from the Commissary soon I know it will take lots of time. In the mean time I’ve applied to: Safeway, Walmart, Warm Beach Senior Center, Toys-R-Us, Costco, Gap INC, and a couple of other places…grr…why I haven’t I heard back from anywhere yet?! Hopefully I’ll hear back from somewhere soon.

I can’t wait for something exciting to happen in my life! Hopefully it happens soon.




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