30 09 2008

This week was quite interesting. A family visited the church we haven’t seen them in 6 1/2 years. They moved to Florida and just ended up living there permently. My parents also have left for the Phillippines, there’s only twenty-three days left….it seems too long.
My piano lessons are going well but are so frustrating. I’m learning Mozart’s Turkish March but I’ve found I hit a wall with the piece. There’s this part I just can’t get….I’ll get it soon enough.
I’m trying to obtain the sheet music to: How Deep the Father’s Love for Us. It’s a beautiful contemporary song with such a classic feel.
Hopefully college comes sooner than later. I’m so excited….I want to learn music to such a higher degree so badly.


What’s the Baby Using?

22 09 2008

So I listen to a podcast and they mentioned this question: “What’s the Baby Using?” What’s the answer you might ask? 25. I don’t get it. I checked out the youtube video and googled it but I still can’t figure it out. Oh well.

Complete Boredom…

13 09 2008

*Giant sigh* I have had nothing interesting happen in my life…how boring…it depresses me sometimes how much, or actually how little, happens in my life. I can’t wait until college. Hopefully college life will be so much more exciting. YAY!

My piano teacher has assigned me to start learning a book completely built around technique. It’s called Hanon. Whatever or whoever that is….although she said I should know who that is. This year…if I didn’t write it in my last blog…we’ll be buckling down and getting me prepared for college.

How much I miss my friends who have gone to college. Life seems so droll now but maybe it’s just me….or maybe it’s their fault. LOL joking.

This next “school year” will be interesting since I’ve graduated. Did I blog about that alrady? I don’t think so. As of August the 27th I’m officially an adult. YAY ME! What will I do.

I still need a job….although I’m expecting to hear from the Commissary soon I know it will take lots of time. In the mean time I’ve applied to: Safeway, Walmart, Warm Beach Senior Center, Toys-R-Us, Costco, Gap INC, and a couple of other places…grr…why I haven’t I heard back from anywhere yet?! Hopefully I’ll hear back from somewhere soon.

I can’t wait for something exciting to happen in my life! Hopefully it happens soon.

First Piano Lesson

11 09 2008

Today I start piano lessons up again. After about a month of sabadacle from lessons it’s time to start again. And now I must pull it all together and work twice as hard to get ready for college. I am glad that I stayed back one year because I need lots more piano training. Although people will say that college is to learn…I feel that I’m not very good at piano and that I need more training to get into the music program there.


5 09 2008

Not like in the vet sense but fixed! The church piano which has haunted me for years with it’s horrible sustain pedal is now fixed. The piano playing Thursday was phenomenal…the singing was as well.
That aside I listened to Josh Groban’s cd: Noel. I love Christmast music but this made me love Christmas music even more. I love listening to it even though it’s not Christiamas. I also love Josh Groban’s voice. He’s got an amazing range which I could only dream for. Although he’s mormon and I don’t quite approve of that but that’s ok…I mean I do love David Archuleta’s voice as well…I wish I could hit higher tenor notes too. 😦
I also am trying to make time to read the book: Indivisible by Four, written by: Arnold Steinhardt. He’s a great violinist and I love the music that his quartet puts out.
Wow I think this is one of the longest blogs I’ve ever written. Hopefully people read this.

Just got back!

1 09 2008

The FBC teen group just got back from Oroville, Washington…ugg it’s not too fun…well driving there wasn’t fun. We had to ride 6 hours with two screaming children…yay! But serving over at the City of Gold Baptist Church and Faithful Baptist Church was lots of fun and a blessing. Also getting to see friends I haven’t seen in a while and getting to meet some new ones.